Conference will start at 9.30 AM and close at 5.30 PM followed by networking dinner at Blue Bar, TAJ WEST END, Bengaluru

Welcome Note

Neil Salton, MD, ChangeWorq

Jelly Bean Working

Philip Ross, Futurologist & CEO, Cordless Group & UNWORK

Philip will explore new directions for the workplace looking at Jelly Bean Working - new ideas around the collision between people, place and technology that will shape the new world of work. He will share some of the most cutting edge new innovative global workplace case studies together with emerging technologies from smart buildings and the internet of things to the new ‘voice user interface’ in the workplace and App-centric experiences.

High performance workplaces: How new office buildings embrace the changing face of work and workplace design

Ulrich Blum, Associate, Zaha Hadid Architects ChangeWorq

Showcasing the award-winning work by Zaha Hadid Architects, Ulrich will talk about the future of office buildings and how they are developing in a global context. Ulrich will explain ZHA’s latest workplace projects and elaborate how computational workplace tools help to shape the workplaces of tomorrow.

Future of data-led work space design

Melissa Marsh, Founder and Executive Director of PLASTARC and Managing Director of Occupant Experience, SAVILLS

When it comes to designing workspaces, leveraging data is key to understanding your occupants. Advancements in technology, whether through apps, sensor data, and more, has led to the ability to collect more information than ever on the built environment. Melissa Marsh, will speak about the intersection of technology and space, sharing ways to use data to transform workplaces into environments that support an optimal workplace experience.

Future of work with smart IOT and AI

Geetha Adinarayan, Executive IT Architect, IBM Watson

We are in an era where we want to talk to our workplace to get things done. Be it for booking the meeting room or for complaining about the broken chair. We need spaces that understands us and can change as needed in order to keep us productive and happy. Technical advances in IoT and AI has made some of this possible and has a lot more to offer. In this session, Geetha will share her perspective of how the technological landscape is changing and how we use it to transform the way we work and how buildings that respond to their occupants, are not only efficient to operate, but also cool to be in.

Buildings: From smart to responsive

Sander Schutte, CEO, MAPIQ

Sander will outline a vision for the future of work and explore the promises of modern offices. Using European case-studies he will share how to create this new world promising comfort and innovation. It all starts with the creating of a tight knit ecosystem of partners willing to work together towards a better future

Expert Panel “The Future of work: The impact of disruptive technologies“

Anurag Mathur, CEO, SAVILLS
Renuka Rajagopal, Senior Director, Real Estate Workspace, VMWARE
Praveen Vasudeva, Director, Workplace Resources, CISCO
Udaya Shankar, Architect, DesignAlphabet
Neil Salton, MD, ChangeWorq

Disruptive technology have already transformed the way we work, live and interact with one another. This panel will discuss various disruptive technologies and their impacts on how work gets done, how we live, and how industries are transformed.

Workplace design as a strategic choice

Aparna Piramal, Columnist and writer on business, design, urbanisation & workplaces, HT Mint

Workplace design tells us something that few of us know: how business leaders do what they do, in their daily work lives, and how they leverage tangible workplace investments to successfully manage their most valuable intangible assets, in unique ways.

The purpose future workplaces will be serving for

Didi Lenz, Architect

Future workplaces will be alike laboratories more than production lines. Problems are to be solved arising from digitization and the danger to lose control over the conditions on earth at all points. Therefore working environments are created that reflect the ambition to re-establish responsibility for the welfare of each of us on planet earth.

Expert Panel “How new ways of working are changing the real estate game?”

Juggy Marwah, Executive Managing Director, JLL
Santosh Martin, Chief Marketing Officer, Bagmane
Shobha R, Founder, Build Ed
Sudhakar Pai, Founder, SPA
Shashidhar, Sharma, Business Development, C&W

Rising employee expectations, emerging technologies and new ways of working are challenging traditional real estate models. This panel will explore ways to get the balance right between employee satisfaction and real estate costs.

Expert Panel “Alternative workplace strategies: now it’s all about the people”

Bibhu Singh, Vice President, Corporate Services and Real Estate, Goldman Sachs.
Ravi Sarangan, Executive Director, Edifice Consultants Pvt Ltd.
Prasad Vemuru Regional Director, Opentext
Syed Moinuddin, Senior Director, CBRE
Neil Salton, MD, ChangeWorq

As workplace priorities change, so does organisational strategy. This shift is a result of global recognition that employees are company’s biggest asset and an investment in them ultimately means a return on investment in the form of productivity and loyalty.

Creative architecture – The importance of intuition and taking risk

Arunjot Singh Bhalla, Managing Director, RSP Design Consultants (India).

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